Real estate agents offer great services, especially when you are new to the business and have zero information about the business. They are quiet helpful because they are qualifies in the field and know what they are doing.

Here are some common myths about real estate agents and how you should handle them

Anyone can be a real estate agent

Well when you look at this technically, it is actually true. Anybody can get a real estate license by taking the right classes. Where is the myth here? Not everyone can become a successful real estate agent. You need the determination and drive paired with the love for real estate business in order for you to succeed.  If you are only doing it for the money, then your plans will crush and burn real fast.

Real estate agents barely do any work

Selling a home is not easy. If you think it is, think again. Real estate agents have to go through a lot just to settle a deal. They work as part lawyers, sales and marketing professionals, financial advisers, therapist, interior design and many more. All this work and they have no guarantee that they will be paid. Some agents run their own real estate businesses which mean they are responsible for everything.

Real estate agents set their own schedule

While it is true that most real estate agents are not required to work the basic 9-5, it does not mean that they can work whenever they want to. They have to work around the schedule of the client. If the client is at work all day, then they will not e able to view any properties with the real estate agent until after work. This means that most of them have to put in several hours over the weekend so that they can cater to their busy clients.

Real estate agents are all the same

This leads many people to pick the first real estate come along.  While real estate agents have to follow the same rule and ethics, they have different working styles. It is hard to tell apart ambitious agent from lazy ones based on their profiles online. Take time to read all the reviews and connect an agent to their previous work before you hire them. a good agent should cater to your real estate needs before anything else.

You can save a lot of money if you do not hire a real estate agent

When you look at the commission cost, It makes it seems like you could save a lot of money by selling or buying the home on your home. This seems true at first glance but it will not work the way you think it does.  The agent has the ability to negotiate on certain deals and makes sure the homes are prices appropriately. They have extensive data access and plenty of knowledge in real estate, which is something you do not get overnight.

Real estate is the easiest ways to get rich fast

Real estate careers make out for high risk and high reward deals. This means what you might win or lose depending on your expertise and luck in the industry.

Last modified: August 27, 2019