Real estate investment has become so popular over the years and is a great way to make money. Over the years, real estate has shown a grown and proven to attract many investors. While there are many benefits in real estate investments, it also carries some risks. With the right strategies and investment approach you can make a lot of money. Many people miss a lot of the benefits just because they choose to believe the following misconceptions about real estate.

Real estate investment is all about property

Regardless of what people say, you do not have to own property to benefit from real estate. There are so many opportunities in real estate investment that carry even lower risks than purchasing property.  You could find investments in real estate that have fewer demands than purchasing real estate property.

Wealthy investors can get hard money loans, which is a great way to invest in real estate with minimal risk. Like mutual funds and ETF’S, the hard money loans allow for investment decision through proxy. Some real estate companies trade shares for revenue and this is awarded to the investors as dividends.  So what happens when you cannot afford to take such loans? You find other ways to invest in real estate.

Real estate investment is a risk free business

Any form of business that requires major capital is prone to risk; you could say that risk is central to any form of investment. You could face major risks such as loss and devaluation of property in the real estate business, which is why major returns are paid off to the investors. You will always face some type of risk while you are investing in real estate.  If you approach any real estate opportunity without understanding all the risks involved you could lose all your money and ruin your portfolio.

Real estate is only great as a long term investment

This is a common misconception among people who have never been in the real estate business. This myth is not always true.  Most investors go into real estate looking to earn some major returns over a long period of time. This is in fact, not the only real estate option you could pursue.  There are multiple short –term real estate investment options you could look at.  The returns you get from a real estate property range from short to long term depending on the type of deals you make.

You need to be an expert to succeed in real estate investment

This misconception has led so many people t shy away from any form of real estate investment. Many people do not believe that they could engage in the investment practices without any form of expertise.  People will go as far as opting for alternative investment options just because they are scared to pursue real estate investment.

People go into stocks, bonds and other options because they present an easier learning curve and fast profits.  If you feel that you are unable to do it on your own, you could turn to real estate agents, property managers and other professionals to handle your deals and help you make the right decisions.  While you will pay more for these professionals to help you, they will give you all the necessary expertise to help you succeed and grow your portfolio.

Last modified: August 27, 2019